Letter| Volume 36, ISSUE 3, e4, September 2008

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Re: Chiropractic: A Critical Evaluation

Open ArchivePublished:July 11, 2008DOI:
      To the Editor:
      Edzard Ernst, MD, has done a great service by collecting and analyzing the literature on chiropractic.
      • Ernst E.
      Chiropractic: a critical evaluation.
      Unfortunately, here in the United States, the lack of scientific plausibility and evidence of safety and efficacy for chiropractic is no barrier to chiropractic practice. Each of the 50 states separately regulates the practice and each, in one form or another, incorporates traditional chiropractic philosophy. This allows a scope of chiropractic practice approaching that of an allopathic primary care physician and permits chiropractors to make claims that would otherwise be fraudulent (e.g., the detection and correction of subluxations as essential to human health). Until the practice acts are revised, reform is unlikely. The real task for scientists and others is to educate the public and the state legislators with the kind of information this article supplies and to urge much needed reform.


        • Ernst E.
        Chiropractic: a critical evaluation.
        J Pain Symptom Manage. 2008; 35: 544-562